Bamboo removal

Bamboo removal

Tree King offers an excellent bamboo clearing and cutting service, as well as our quality-results bamboo root grinding service.

The cost of this type of work can potentially run into the thousands due to the difficulty involved in disposing of the cut bamboo. Many of our clients choose to handle the cutting down and disposal of the bamboo themselves in order to reduce the cost, then get us in for the root grinding.

For best results, we strongly recommend the entire plant be killed off completely using poison and cut as close to the ground as possible prior to grinding.

Regardless of the method of removal there is always a chance of re-shooting. This is especially true if there is more bamboo growing nearby. 

Bamboo removal is a challenging task which can easily get very expensive. Our bamboo root grinding service is a cost effective alternative.

Important factors to note concerning bamboo


Generally, it costs money to dispose of it even after chipping due to its fibrous nature. To minimise cost sometimes it is possible to just leave bamboo chip onsite to breakdown naturally. For small amounts a skip can often be quite cost effective.

It spreads

Some varieties more than others. If you remove all the bamboo from your property but there is still a portion of the plant growing next door it will spread back on to your property over time. Sometimes landscapers can erect barriers to stop bamboo spreading.

It grows back

We have found the best method is to completely kill the plant with poison such as Amitrol then grind the roots and stumps with a stump grinder. Alternately, grind first then poison any re-shoots using Amitrol poison. We have found these methods to be the most cost effective for bamboo eradication.

 If part of the plant is left, such as when part is growing in a neighbouring property, you may never be able to kill it completely.

Multiple applications of poison

Regardless of the type of poison used bamboo is likely to need multiple applications a few weeks apart to actually kill it.

Bamboo root grinding

Our stump grinders are ideally suited for bamboo root removal. This is a comparatively cheap and effective solution to get an area back into a usable state once the tops of the plant have been cut down and removed. We can grind right through the roots to the soil below.

Like all bamboo removal methods there is always potential that a small amount can re-shoot. This is especially true if there is more bamboo growing nearby. Any re-shoots should be immediately poisoned using Amitrol poison or similar.

For total eradication we recommend cutting off the entire plant at ground level and thoroughly poisoning the roots. To completely kill the plant multiple applications of a poison such as Amitrol or similar is usually required. Once the plant is dead get us in to grind out the roots so you can reuse the area of your garden.

Bamboo root grinding: 
the results speak for themselves.

Chips and stump grindings produced while processing bamboo are often stringy, fibrous and unattractive. If you cut bamboo down yourself ensure the stems are cut as close to the ground as possible. The lower they are, the less mess there will be mixed up in the soil after root grinding. For sites that need to be immaculate we suggest digging out the grindings and spreading new topsoil over the area.


“….This is the second time we have used them for tree cutting, crown lifting, shaping and hedge cutting on a large scale. They are very professional, courteous, on time, tidy and produce the service and results they said they would….”

November 2018

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“Great job by the Tree King lads removing our enormous Washingtonian palm and tidying up the trees on our section. Arrived exactly on time, job was completed quickly and to a very high standard. Would definitely recommend them and will be using their services again in the future :)”

September 2018

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“…. I can not speak highly enough of the professionalism and efficiency of the crew. The tree work was not straight forward, however it was clear from the outset that the crew had taken the time to think through the logistics and details of the job…..”

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